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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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- >> into the trunk herself. i sort of asked, who else would do it? >> maybe the body guard who is were with her. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> president obama opens up about his decision to go after the world's most wanted terrorist. good morning, washington. it is monday morning. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. much more on that in a minute. begin with traffic and weather with lisa baden for the commute and first, meteorologist adam caskey. nice temperatures. comfortable seasonable conditions over the next couple
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days with a lot of sunshine. then an unsettled weather pattern toward the end of the began the weekend. that is far away from now. it is 57 in the district, 50 in martinsburg, 45 in cumberland. in quantico, 53 with a light wind. scattered clouds developing around lunchtime. highs in the low to mid 70's. low humidity. sunshine tomorrow. seasonable perfect, and gorgeous splendid, low to mid 70's tomorrow. same story on wednesday. by the end of the week and on the weekend a chance of showers from friday through sunday. traffic is quiet. clearing overnight construction on a highway. moving nicely is traffic near 270 at montgomery democracy boulevard.
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springfield, everything looks wonderful in virginia. we will give you the green light on 95 with normal travel times if between richmond and baltimore and looks good on 66 270, dulles greenway, and the dulles toll road. back to you. >> thank you. president obama is speaking out about the raid that killed osama bin laden. he reveals new details about that during operation and describes the difficulty of taking such a huge risk. >> courtney robinson joins us with this new information. \ >> the president says there was no question abouthe would approve this grade. the president gave the go-ahead for it on friday. days later the u.s. navy seals dropped into the abbotabad pakistan, compound. president obama and others watched live streaming video of
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the raid and heard the news many americans waited nearly a decade to hear, u.s. forces shot and killed bin laden. >> the one thing i did not lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin laden out. >> u.s. intelligence is now reviewing evidence collected in the raid. the president says this information could be a striking a blow to al qaeda. at 5:00, what the president is asking of pakistan and the country oppose the embodiment and possibly harboring the terrorist. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. -- and the country's possibility of harboring the terrorist. the mighty mississippi rubber is expected to crest in
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memphis tomorrow, testing levees and swapping communities already under water. police in prince george's county are investigating the police involved shooting that happened around 5:00 sunday evening along the 3800 block of cottage terrorists in cottage city. an officer was forced to fire after confronting an armed man. the suspect was believed to have been involved in a domestic- related shooting earlier in the day. the suspect was taken to the hospital. people from all across the country came to the district on sunday to mark the beginning of national police week. the names of more than 19,000 officers are etched into the national law enforcement memorial. at least four officers from our region died in a line of duty during the past 13 months. police have issued a missing persons silver alert for a prince george's county woman, on friday. the 66-year-old shephard-
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barett. she had a stroke two years ago. she needs hard and veronicablood pressure medicine every day. >> i'm so scared. she was my best friend and its mother is dead. >> we are worried about her. but she was driving a late model nissan versa. she's 5 foot 1 and is from the dominican republic and has a heavy accent. call police if you see her. nfl players are having to get their finances in order. >> wall street is watching everything from retail sales to china. now a preview from bloomberg news. >> good morning. investors are taking a close look at a report on retail.
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more people shopping at tysons corner. sales are expected to be pretty strong for the month of april. that would be welcome news because consumer spending is 70% of the economy. u.s. and chinese officials are meeting in washington. the treasury secretary is expected to urge china to allow higher interest rates and to make it easier for investors to purchase chinese financial assets, in an effort to fix any global imbalances. some nfl players are lining up to get their child support and alimony payments lowered. they are afraid of lower salaries, the leagues shut down. more coming up. reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:36 59 degrees.
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>> still to come remembering yeardley love. for the fourth time since her death, family and friends are speaking out. >> changing the course of history 50 years later, a group of civil rights lheroes
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monday morning. starting the work week on a good note in terms of the weather. let's talk about the overall weather pattern. clear skies to start the day. we will have a lot of sunshine for the entire day. the first half of the week will be very sunny. notice the pinwheel rotation off the new england coast line. that is an area of low pressure. there is a frontal boundary off to the west. we will be between the two systems, giving us a comfortable northerly wind with seasonal high temperatures and low humidity. these are spring conditions at their best for the next couple days. 57 now in landover and alexandria. 56 in rockville 48 installing. 73 this afternoon with scattered crowns. clear tonight near 50. sunshine tomorrow with high temperatures in the low to mid 70's.
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comfortable for the next couple days. by the end of the week, the weather pattern will shift. that's when we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms friday through the weekend. overnight constructed is being maloof. the beltway asks 202 -- at 202 for example. -- overnight construction is being moved. there is dry pavement. looks good in greenbelt on the beltway. no problems on the other side of the beltway near fedex field and river road. also good in virginia as far as interstate travel. the drive out of southern maryland looks nice. looks good on 228 and 210. back to you. >> thank you. 4:41 on this early monday morning, and 59 degrees. >> keeping yeardley love's
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spirit alive, one year after her death. her family and friends speak out. >> a controversial new plant to keep
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welcome back. checking our top stories president obama revealed more about that raid that brought down osama bin laden. the president called it the longest 40 minutes of his life. he says the u.s. could deliver a
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fatal blow to al qaeda based on material that was seized during that raid. towns and cities along the mississippi river are bracing for flooding not seen in decades. people have been told to evacuate. the mississippi is expected to crest at nearly 48 feet in memphis. that's tomorrow. investigators need your help to find a missing accokeek woman. adela shephard-barett was going to visit her daughter in arlington. she needs heart and blood pressure medicine every day. there's a new push to improve will security in the wake of revelations that al qaeda was plotting to attack u.s. trains. u.s. senator charles schumer is proposing a do not ride list for amtrak. terrorists have attacked trains before. that could disrupt commerce across the country. >> targeting railroad
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infrastructure is a much smarter move on the part of the terrorists. you get more bang for the. >> the u.s. has 140,000 miles of freight and passenger tracks, not counting subway and light rail lines. 40% of the tracks don't have automatic monitoring. those areas are supposed to be inspected twice a week, although large sections of track are still considered unprotected. authorities are investigating a couple mid-air scare's from sunday afternoon. the first involved a delta flight from detroit to san diego. it was diverted to albuquerque after a suspicious note was sounded one of the bathrooms. investigators did not find anything dangerous. on an hour later on a continental flight to chicago they had to stop in st. louis because the passenger opened one of the exit doors in mid flight. the passenger was arrested. police are searching for three men responsible for a violent home invasion in
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georgetown. this happened saturday morning at a home where georgetown university and non-university students live. the men beat up and tied up a person. they stole laptop and other items. police in arlington are investigating the crash that killed a bicyclist. it happened yesterday afternoon at forur mile run drive. he drove into oncoming traffic and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. police and not release his name. the driver of the car did stay at the scene. a year ago, uva lacrosse claire yeardley love was found beaten to death in her apartment. -- lacrosse player yeardley love. she was killed by her or friend. her people have remained silent
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until now. >> she was compassionate and fun and kindhearted and smart. >> cciio world through sun sign- colored glasses. everything in a positive light. >> it is happy memories that and trends and close family like her cousin remember most of all. >> when i think about her growing up, i think of her smiling and laughing. >> she always wanted to play lacrosse at uva. >> he was tenacious and gave her best all the time. as a coach, that is the greatest gift an athlete can give. >> there was an outpouring of love after her death from people across the country. >> the 1 loveall foundation was established to bring out the yeardley love in everyone, to get positive experiences to adolescents. -- the one love foundation. >> good to know that she has
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touched someone's life. >> weeping for few minutes when receiver locker. -- we stopped for ima few minutes when we see her locker. >> she was my cousin and we all loved her for who she was. >> abc 7 news reporting. >> does this will have to wait former family now. george huguely's murder trial is not expected to begin until february of 2012. looking at some other news from around the nation, jury selection begins in the trial of casey anthony the florida mother accused of killing her path two-year-old daughter in 2008. the location of the jury selection is being kept secret until the proceedings begin. anthony could be put to death if convicted of murder.
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authorities will resume searching for canadian man who disappeared in a remote area near the nevada-idaho border. albert and rita's van got stuck in mud a week ago. he has not been seen. hunters found rita on the weekend. she is weak but is making progress. 4:50. 58 degrees. retracing familiar steps 50 years later, coming up. >> first another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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monday morning, 4:53. i hope you had a great mother's day weekend. temperatures are seasonable. 57 downtown, 52 in hagerstown. in culpeper and cumberland, 46 degrees. in annapolis along the water 59. clear skies overhead. we are in an ideal pattern right now. this is a great situation. there is a front of to the west which is a stationary boundary -- which.
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this puts us in a pretty good spot for sunshine and denies conditions. we will have a dental north bend over the next couple days. -- we will have a gentle north wind. 73 this afternoon with sunshine and a few scattered clouds. that is alberts this time of year. similar conditions tomorrow, sunshine. shifting by friday into the weekend. another chance of showers by then. fabulous amount the beltway. interstate travel as well. to the airport and into baltimore. 66 at glebe road quiet. no constructed inside the beltway this morning in rosslyn ballston, fosterage, and good across the roosevelt bridge. -- falls church.
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a brave young group 50 years ago set off from d.c. in two buses headed to the south determined to end segregation. >> their actions have changed the course of history. today they recreated the freedom rides for a younger generation. jay korff reports. >> very excited. it's going to experience. >> these college students embarked sunday on extraordinary journey from d.c. to orleans. it is half a century in the making. >> this is not just a party ride. >> this should be sobering and insightful, traveling with the original freedom riders nine days. they're retracing the steps of a remarkable movement. >> we pushed the envelope. >> ♪, and up to the front of the
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bus will be writing up their -- ♪ come on up to the front of the bus i will be riding up therer ♪ >> many freedom riders were arrested and imprisoned in mississippi. in alabama they were beaten and one person nearly killed when a bus was firebombed. the goal is to galvanize a new generation to the cause of social justice. >> the society is still evolving and getting better. >> abc 7 news. >> pbs sponsored the student freedom ride.
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that's may 16 in new orleans -- that will end on may 16 in new orleans. >> amazing. 4:57 on this monday 58 degrees. >> there's a lot more still ahead in the next half hour. >> good news for drivers. gas prices may be
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